Peter Taylor

Hi, I’m Peter, an Undergraduate Mathematician at the University of Nottingham, and Development Secretary at Hacksoc Nottingham
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GPS Project II: The Importance of testing your code

I hope this blog post illustrates the importance of testing your code thoroughly, first let’s have a look at the issues I discovered in video form. Your browser does not support the video tag. Now to explain What’s going on. As I outlined in my previous post, the UK is split into 100km squares, each labelled with a 2 letter code. So I went to the border of two squares (\(TA\) and \(TF\), marked with the red cross on the map), to see how well it worked....

October 23, 2020 · Peter Taylor

GPS Project

In this project I created a device to display Ordnance Survey grid references using an ESP32 and a GPS chip in a 3D printed case. The Maths A little background on the earth: The earth is roughly an ellipsoid (squashed sphere), but as these are approximations no one model will perfectly encapsulate the data, several different ellipsoids exist, but we will only be looking at 2 in this post, WGS84 and Airy 1830...

October 4, 2020 · Peter Taylor

Recreating the Album cover to “Unknown Pleasures” with an arbitrary heightmap

This was a project I made while trying to learn the r programming language. After seeing a bunch of stacked line graphs on r/DataIsBeautiful made with R I decided to try and make my own version to gain a better understanding of the language. The style is based on the Album Cover to Joy Divison’s Unknown Pleasures. # Import any Packages if(!require("imager")) { install.packages("imager", repos = "") library("imager") } if(!require("ggplot2")) { install....

June 26, 2020 · Peter Taylor